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Tour Our Recycling Facility

Do you wonder what happens to recyclables after they leave your home or office?  Does your household often engage in heated discussions on how clean is clean enough for the recycling and what materials go into which bin?  Recology CleanScapes can help answer these questions and more at our recycling center.

We invite student groups and members of the public to visit the recycling center to learn how aluminum, paper, plastics, and more are sorted and recycled.  This free two hour experience at our state-of-the-art South Seattle location will help participants understand the recycling system, and how their actions affect the process.  Individuals who are thirteen years of age or older are invited to tour the sorting line where they will hear, see, and smell the materials as they travel through a series of conveyor belts and high tech machines. Groups with younger children may also visit the facility to experience the recycling center from a bird’s eye view in the safety of our education room.

Find out more and sign up for a tour here!

Students from Three Tree Montessori School learn the 4 R's Dance (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot)!

Additionally, groups may receive a tour of Recology CleanScapes’ artist studio, located within the recycling facility.  This studio is headquarters for our Artist in Residence (AIR) Program, a unique education opportunity that provides local artists the chance to create art, using materials gathered from the recycling facility.  The 2017 program is currently underway and will run from April - September.  Tours during this time frame will have the opportunity to hear from artists working with recycled materials and learn about the creative process behind turning trash into treasure.

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