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Press Release | November 18, 2014

Waste Reduction Grants Awarded to Des Moines Elementary Schools

Des Moines City Council and Recology CleanScapes Award Waste Reduction Grants to Midway and North Hill Elementary Schools

$2,500 reward for Green School Level One distinction


Des Moines, WA – Teachers, students, and parents at Midway and North Hill Elementary Schools were recognized by the Des Moines City Council and Recology CleanScapes, and accepted $2,500 checks for their efforts to increase recycling and reduce waste.

The schools were recognized and rewarded for their participation and achievement of Level One status in the King County Green Schools program. The first level in the Green Schools program encourages recycling and waste reduction, and schools that participate receive technical assistance and supplies from King County.

"I congratulate North Hill and Midway Elementary Schools, and the Highline School District, for their efforts at recycling. Their reduction of waste contributed to our landfills shows the leadership of the upcoming generation toward a cleaner, and greener future."

North Hill Elementary has achieved Level Three status in the Green Schools program. The school has reduced its waste by: requiring that printed paper be double-sided; composting food scraps in a worm bin, which has developed into teacher curriculum; and creating an Ecology Club that monitors recycling rates in classrooms.

Midway Elementary increased its recycling by adding recycling bins to every classroom and school office and creating a milk carton recycling program. These strategies increased Midway’s recycling rate to 56 percent during the 2013-2014 school year.

“Schools like North Hill Elementary and Midway Elementary are demonstrating that significant waste reduction is possible with committed teachers and students, a few straightforward, effective strategies, and the support of school officials and parents,” said Recology CleanScapes General Manager Dan Bridges. “We are inspired by these schools’ efforts and their impressive results, and look forward to working with schools throughout the district to adopt Midway and North Hill’s creative strategies.”

The $2,500 awards are part of the City of Des Moines and Recology CleanScapes’ Waste Reduction Reward program, which recognizes neighborhoods and schools for their contributions to decreased trash to the landfill and increased recycling programs.

Recology CleanScapes currently provides solid waste and recycling collection service for the cities of Seattle, Shoreline, Des Moines, Issaquah, Burien, SeaTac, Maple Valley, and Carnation. Recology CleanScapes is a subsidiary of Recology, an employee-owned company that sees a world without waste, where resources are used and re-used in a sustainable ecosystem that strives for their best and highest use.

For more information about the Recology CleanScapes Waste Reduction Reward program, please visit the Recology CleanScapes Shoreline website:

Erika Melroy
206.851.3117 Cell

des moines  waste reduction rewards 

Press Release - 2014 Des Moines Waste Reduction Rewards Awarded


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