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| February 02, 2011

Local Residents Submit Winning Proposal

Check out this article about our proposal for a new playground in Washington Park...


CleanScapes, a local waste and recycling service provider, is awaiting final approval for a project that would put new playground equipment in the Washington Park Playfield. The project, which would be installed by April, serves as the reward for the winners of CleanScapes 2009-2010 Neighborhood Waste Reduction competition.


“The idea was to start conversation in communities about waste generation and how easy it is to reduce waste we accumulate as a community,” said Candy Castellanos, a project manager for CleanScapes. “We divided up communities by waste-collection day, and every month we were able to weigh the tonnage of garbage collection.”  


Continue reading at the Madison Park Times

| February 09, 2011

Ravenna in the waste reduction lead for $50,000 from CleanScapes

Check out this article about waste reduction efforts in the Ravenna neighborhood...


Out of all of CleanScapes’ waste pick-up areas in the city, Ravenna has done more since September 2010 to reduce the amount of waste — garbage, recycling and yard waste — than any other area in the city. And if we can keep it up until the end of the contest (September 2011), our area will win $50,000 to spend on the community project of our choice.


Continue reading at ravennablog

| January 31, 2011

2011 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards Program Kicks-off Today

To help Seattle communities along the road toward zero waste, CleanScapes is challenging residents and neighborhoods to reduce their waste footprint with the annual Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards competition. The reward? A $50,000 community project built in the winning neighborhood and maintained by CleanScapes.


| February 10, 2011

Waste Reduction Contest in Seattle Comes with $50,000

Check out this article about our community improvement awards...


Seattle residents are in the thick of duking it out to see who will take home this year’s $50,000 prize from CleanScapes.


CleanScapes devised a waste-reduction contest among neighborhoods in the Seattle area last year to help boost recycling rates and keep waste from landfills. The winning neighborhoods receive $50,000, and they decide how to spend the cash on community projects. Last year’s winners settled on a playground in Washington Park and a series of benches in Shoreline, both of which will be dedicated to waste reduction and built by volunteers.


Continue reading at Earth911

| February 11, 2011

Queen Anne in close race to win $50,000 toward a community project

Check out this article about our community improvement in the Queen Anne neighborhood...


"The west half of Queen Anne is a close second to win a stake in a $50,000 community project through a city-wide contest held by Seattle waste management company CleanScapes.


Running from September 2010 to September of this year, trash collection areas are competing against one another to make the largest reduction in trash, yard waste and recycling compared to the previous year."


Continue reading at Queen Anne View

| April 16, 2011

Join CleanScapes at Gateway Park for DUWAMISH ALIVE!

This Earth Day, join hundreds of volunteers at multiple sites in a joint effort to restore the Duwamish River shed.  


Where:  Gateway Park, 8th Avenue Street - end in Georgetown

When:   Saturday, April 16, 2011  10am - 2pm


| November 09, 2010

CleanScapes and Bike Works Launch Bicycle Recycling Program

Starting in June 2011, CleanScapes began testing a new collection system for bicycles at Seattle’s North and South transfer stations. Special CleanScapes “RE-CYCLING” dumpsters, painted bright green and decorated with bicycle decals, provide Seattleites with a new option for recycling their unwanted bicycles and bike parts instead of throwing them away.


| December 15, 2010

CleanScapes Waste Reduction Prize Awarded

Central Seattle Wins New Playground by Reducing Waste


CleanScapes is delighted to announce that a new playground at Washington Park is the featured $50,000 community project chosen as the 2009/2010 waste reduction competition award.


| February 14, 2011

Show your love for Queen Anne and win a $50,000 community improvement reward

Check out this article about our community improvement in the Queen Anne neighborhood...


"Show your love for Queen Anne and win a $50,000 community improvement reward from CleanScapesAccording to the CleanScapes (the folks who pick up the trash), in 2009 Seattle created 352,000 tons of garbage, which eventually found a final resting place in an Oregon landfill. So in an effort to keep all that…stuff…from even getting into the waste stream, CleanScapes is dangling a $50,000 carrot. From the fall of 2010 through fall of 2011 CleanScapes is tracking yard, recycling and trash volumes picked up in service areas. The neighborhood demonstrating the greatest percentage decrease in waste volumes over the course of the year will win a $50,000 community improvement project from the company."


Continue reading at the Seattle PI Blog

| January 31, 2011

Green merit badge? Recycling just isn't good enough anymore

Check out this article about the costs of recycling in Seattle...


Sure, like most Northwesterners, you recycle like a demon. Cans, glass, plastic, yard waste. You even compost your kitchen scraps. You’re a regular environmental hero. Or maybe not ...Tim Croll, head of solid waste for Seattle Public Utilities, points out that that even recycling uses a lot of energy, fossil fuel and natural resources.


Continue reading at KPLU

| January 31, 2011

Seattle neighborhood could win $50,000 for creating less waste

Check out this article about our Community Improvement Awards program...


They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. But, with a competition announced today by CleanScapes, Seattle Public Utilities and King County Councilmember Larry Phillips, creating less trash could mean treasure for your neighborhood.


As part of the 2011 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards Program, CleanScapes is offering to build a $50,000 community project in the neighborhood that best reduces its waste footprint.


According to CleanScapes, the typical Seattle family of four disposes of three tons of garbage, recycling and yard/food waste every year.


Continue reading at Komo News

| January 31, 2011

$50,000 for Seattle's top waste-reduction neighborhood

Check out this article about our Community Improvement Award program...


The prize is $50,000, and so far it looks like residents of Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood are going to clean up. That district is leading a waste-reduction contest sponsored by Seattle-based hauler CleanScapes.


It's the neighborhood that is doing the best to reduce not just its garbage but also its recycling and yard waste — based on a weighing of the garbage, yard waste and recycling produced by each neighborhood.


Continue reading at the Seattle Times

| January 31, 2011

Visualize Your Waste: A call for families to reduce 3 tons of yearly waste

Check out this article about waste reduction and our Community Improvement Awards program...


Three garbage trucks rolled into position in the background as Cleanscapes, King County and Seattle Public Utilities made their pitch.


"The garbage company of yesterday was just concerned about collecting garbage," said Tim Croll, Director of Seattle's Solid Waste Department. "The garbage company of today is concerned about collecting garbage, recycling and yard waste. But, the garbage company of tomorrow, similar to Cleanscapes, is working to reduce the amount they actually collect."


Continue reading at King 5

| June 06, 1999

CleanScapes wins Mayor's Small Business Award

Check out this article about when we won the Small Business Award in Seattle...


There's nothing glamorous about picking up trash or cleaning up human waste in the streets and alleys of Pioneer Square.


But someone has to do it. That someone is CleanScapes, a winner of one of the 1999 Mayor's Small Business awards.


Pioneer Square resident Chris Martin started CleanScapes in January 1997 as a public/private partnership with the Pioneer Square Community Council, with two ideas in mind: To make the neighborhood a cleaner and safer place and to provide employment opportunities to those living in neighborhood shelters.


Continue reading at the Puget Sound Business Journal

| October 13, 2004

Cleaning up city, bin by bin

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


Now that Chris Martin has gotten rid of most of the foul-smelling, rat-infested Dumpsters in Pioneer Square, he's setting his sights on Capitol Hill.


Strolling through one of the few alleys in Pioneer Square that still has Dumpsters the other day, he said his quest began about seven years ago. He was an account manager for an ad agency back then, and he lived in a condo in Pioneer Square that faced an alley with Dumpsters.


Continue reading at the Seattle PI

| October 14, 2004

One Man's Cleanup Campaign

Check out this article about our founder's quest for clean streets...


Have you walked down a back alley lately? You might be surprised to find many of Seattle's dirtiest alleys are nearly spotless these days.


All because one man stepped in where the city feared to tread.


Chris Martin is president of CleanScapes, a for-profit trash collection company dedicated to ridding city alleys of dumpsters and the problems they cause.


Continue reading at Komo TV

| September 02, 2007

CleanScapes Takes On Large Rivals for City of Seattle's Waste Contract

Check out this article about our bid to clean up the streets of Seattle...


An upstart Seattle company is trying to wrest some of the city of Seattle's garbage-hauling business away from two multibillion-dollar corporations.


Seattle-based CleanScapes, which handles private cleaning and garbage collection for businesses in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, is contending for a contract that could total more than $80 million over its duration.


Continue reading at the Puget Sound Business Journal

| September 26, 2007

In the Future, Your Recycling Will Be Monitored and Dumpsters Will Be Trashed

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


Chris Martin is busting open garbage bags in a Georgetown lot—three days' worth of accumulated waste from two downtown office buildings. He won't say which buildings they are. That's because (a) the tenants are mostly environmental advocacy groups, and (b) the results of this "garbage audit" are not going to be pretty.


Martin and his crew dump the contents on the ground, forming heaps of banana peels, coffee cups, energy-bar wrappers, McDonald's packaging, plastic bags, water bottles, bunched-up paper, and other by-products of office life. They sort through it all with rakes and hands, separating out the recyclables from the true trash—that is, doing what the tenants should have done in the first place.


Continue reading at Seattle Weekly

| August 25, 2008

Hauler Takes Cleaner Route

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


Chris Martin, an entrepreneur from Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, has a knack for creating efficient systems. More than a decade ago, Martin began using his neighborhood, an area once known as a haven for raucous night owls and the down and out, as a test bed for a waste collection scheme that has proven to turn profits and reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills.


With his company CleanScapes, Martin set out to make Dumpsters a thing of the past and reduce the waste stream to boot. Customers receive color-coded bags for trash, recycling and compost, all of which CleanScapes picks up multiple times per day. The program nearly doubled waste reduction efforts in Pioneer Square.


Continue reading at Sustainable Industries Magazine

| August 29, 2008

Downtown Could Dump Dumpsters

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


As Spencer Smissaert hauled the night's trash to the Dumpsters behind his work Thursday, he pointed to the spot where he often finds people smoking crack. It's even worse in the winter, he said, when transients seek out shelter in the Dumpsters between Fifth and Sixth avenues just east of Westlake Center. That's when it frequently reeks of urine and feces, pretty much what you'd expect from a downtown alley, he said.


"Sometimes you open the lid, and it will be in there," said Smissaert, an employee at Old Navy.Smissaert isn't the only one who could do without the foul odors and behaviors around downtown Dumpsters. Next year, Mayor Greg Nickels wants to expand a "Dumpster-free Alley" program that would remove them from public alleys in the downtown business district to curtail crime and promote recycling.


Continue reading at the Seattle PI

| September 15, 2008

Clean Energy to Build, Operate CNG Fueling Station for New Solid Waste Fleet in Seattle, Washington

Check out this article about our fueling station in Seattle...


CleanScapes, Inc., a newly-designated City of Seattle, WA solid waste contractor, has awarded Clean Energy Fuels Corp. a contract for up to 10 years to build and operate a compressed natural gas (CNG) station and provide fuel for CleanScapes’ 40 new CNG-powered refuse trucks. Clean Energy’s fuel contract with CleanScapes includes a preferential fuel pricing provision. The new CleanScapes time-fill CNG fuel station, to be designed, built and operated by Clean Energy, will be located south of Seattle’s downtown area. Starting in April 2009, CleanScapes will deploy the CNG fleet to provide waste collection services to more than 64,000 residential and business customers in the Central and Northeast sections of Seattle.


Continue reading at The Auto Channel

| January 31, 2009

Seattle's Garbage Trucks to Run on Natural Gas

Check out this article about how we helped convert Seattle garbage trucks to natural gas...


For years, Seattle has operated an aggressive curbside recycling program to reduce the need for expensive landfill space. Now the city seeks to despoil less of the atmosphere by converting its garbage-truck fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG) under new hauling contracts starting March 30.One contractor, Seattle-based CleanScapes, is buying 40 CNG trucks and building a fueling stop in Georgetown. The other, transcontinental giant Waste Management, is buying 106 trucks to be fueled in South Park.

Continue reading at The Seattle Times

| August 24, 2010

CleanScapes to host Duwamish Alive! Stewardship Site

Check out this article about our Duwahmish Alive! event...


Hundreds of volunteers are needed to work at nine restoration sites along the Duwamish River at the semi-annual Duwamish Alive! work day set for Saturday, Oct. 17. “This is the last big volunteer outdoor event of the year and a great chance for families to get out and pitch in to make our community and our hometown river a better, healthier place,” said Dhira Brown, People For Puget Sound Restoration Ecologist and event coordinator.


Continue reading at the West Seattle Herald

| October 07, 2009

Reclaiming Pioneer Square for Community Gatherings

Check out this article about how we've helped clean up Pioneer Square alleys...


What can a downtown alley be used for? More than you think—and a group in Pioneer Square has been working to prove it. The network of businesses connected to the historic Nord building, located near First Avenue and Main Street, has created a vibrant and charming social space in an unlikely locale: the alleyway behind their offices.


Todd Vogel of the International Sustainability Institute bought two floors of the Nord in 2007, and began using it for his own office space as well as renting space to a number of for-profit and non-profit tenants. When he moved in, he began doing small things to clean up the adjoining alley, wanting to send a signal to others to respect the space.


Continue reading at Northwest HUB

| December 21, 2009

Reducing, Not Just Recycling

Check out this article about our efforts to reduce waste in Seattle...


If you think you've done your civic duty by recycling your plastic bottles and sending away your yard-waste for composting, brace yourself for the next step. Seattle's garbage authorities say you really ought to be producing less waste overall. Seattle residents are doing a pretty good job at sorting out their recyclables and food waste. But overall, it still adds up to a lot of waste to be trucked to a far-away final destination.


Chris Martin, President of CleanScapes, a local garbage hauling company that earlier this year took over the contract for many Seattle neighborhoods, says, "It takes the same big trucks to pick it up and the same amount of energy to process it, etcetera."


Continue reading at KPLU News

| May 06, 2010

19% Drop in Garbage Wins Neighborhood $50K

Check out this article about neighborhoods competing for our Community Improvement Award...


That's the garbage-collection day for the neighborhoods that won CleanScapes $50,000 contest that will build something in their garbage-collection district.It's actually not one neighborhood that won the contest, but parts of six: Capitol Hill, First Hill, Madison Park, Madison Valley, Denny-Blaine and Montlake. They all have their garbage, recycling and yard waste picked up on Thursdays.


Continue reading at the Seattle Times

| July 05, 2010

700 Volunteers Pick up Trash After Fourth Fireworks

Check out this article about our 4th of July cleanup event with Starbucks and Seattle Public Utilities...


With a 2-year-old strapped to his back, Hiroshi Fujita and his 8-year-old daughter combed through gravel near Seattle's Gas Works Park Monday morning, tossing trash from Sunday's fireworks fest into a yellow bag. Across the street, his wife and 6-year-old daughter did the same. The new transplants from Yokohama, Japan, celebrated their first American Independence Day here this year. And, Fujita said, it was only right for them to help with the next day's cleanup.


Continue reading at the Seattle Times

| November 09, 2010

Don't Toss Your Broken Bike

Check out this article about our bicycle recycling program...


Got some junked spokes?


Instead of tossing your beat-up bike, you can take part in a new recycling program that collects old bikes, gives them a new life, and puts them back on the streets through affordable bike programs. The best part of all? It requires minimal effort for consumers.


Continue reading at the Seattle PI

| November 17, 2010

Beyond Waste: The CleanScapes Challenge

Check out this article about our Beyond Waste challenge...


Worm Bin. Grasscycle. Waste diversion. Are these common words in your vocabulary, or is it all Greek to you?


In 2009, over 350,000 tons of garbage was hauled from Seattle to an Oregon landfill. Ouch. About 54 percent of it could have been recycled - or better yet, not created in the first place. Therein lies a challenge that CleanScapes has made to Seattle's neighborhoods: Cut down (as in garbage, recycling and food/yard waste) and clean up (as in money).


Continue reading at DiscoverSLU

| December 01, 2010

Extra Clean-Up Crews On Duty In Seattle

Check out this video about our cleanup efforts in the Seattle area...


As you're getting ready for work this morning, 2000 workers are already on the clock sweeping and cleaning to make part of Seattle as clean as possible. Kiro 7 eyewitness news with Jeff live downtown, where that free cleanup is underway. They started about an hour and a half ago, CleanScapes, the company that Seattle contracts with for garbage cleanup and general cleanup, they're not just picking up the garbage cans today - they are cleaning up the alleyways, the sidewalks, they're tyring to make this pike-pine corridor of downtown as clean as possible.


Watch the video at Kiro TV


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