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In The News | March 14, 2011

Einstein Teamwork Reduces School Waste

Check out this article about how we've helped get a school involved in composting and waste reduction...

Albert Einstein Middle School, through a program they call "Use Less at Lunch" increased their recycling, created new compost for the school garden, and decreased the amount of garbage produced at the school from eight cans a day to one. In the process, they saved the school money.

Perhaps it wasn't a village, but it was definitely a team of focused and supportive members.

Marcia Garrett, a teacher already instrumental in the Edible Schoolyard project, had a suspicion that a lot of recycling was going in the garbage during school lunches and that it would be a good thing to do something about it.

Continue reading at Shorline Area News

In The News | August 25, 2008

Hauler Takes Cleaner Route

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


Chris Martin, an entrepreneur from Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, has a knack for creating efficient systems. More than a decade ago, Martin began using his neighborhood, an area once known as a haven for raucous night owls and the down and out, as a test bed for a waste collection scheme that has proven to turn profits and reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills.


With his company CleanScapes, Martin set out to make Dumpsters a thing of the past and reduce the waste stream to boot. Customers receive color-coded bags for trash, recycling and compost, all of which CleanScapes picks up multiple times per day. The program nearly doubled waste reduction efforts in Pioneer Square.


Continue reading at Sustainable Industries Magazine

In The News | December 21, 2009

Reducing, Not Just Recycling

Check out this article about our efforts to reduce waste in Seattle...


If you think you've done your civic duty by recycling your plastic bottles and sending away your yard-waste for composting, brace yourself for the next step. Seattle's garbage authorities say you really ought to be producing less waste overall. Seattle residents are doing a pretty good job at sorting out their recyclables and food waste. But overall, it still adds up to a lot of waste to be trucked to a far-away final destination.


Chris Martin, President of CleanScapes, a local garbage hauling company that earlier this year took over the contract for many Seattle neighborhoods, says, "It takes the same big trucks to pick it up and the same amount of energy to process it, etcetera."


Continue reading at KPLU News

Community News | March 10, 2010

Local School Holds "No Trash Lunch Day"

As a parent and PTA member, Susie O’Donnell wanted to make a difference at her kids’ elementary school. After starting an environmental committee of the Echo Lake Elementary PTA she heard about a project that she thought the teachers and kids could get excited about….



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