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In The News | March 14, 2011

Einstein Teamwork Reduces School Waste

Check out this article about how we've helped get a school involved in composting and waste reduction...

Albert Einstein Middle School, through a program they call "Use Less at Lunch" increased their recycling, created new compost for the school garden, and decreased the amount of garbage produced at the school from eight cans a day to one. In the process, they saved the school money.

Perhaps it wasn't a village, but it was definitely a team of focused and supportive members.

Marcia Garrett, a teacher already instrumental in the Edible Schoolyard project, had a suspicion that a lot of recycling was going in the garbage during school lunches and that it would be a good thing to do something about it.

Continue reading at Shorline Area News

Ask Charlie | March 02, 2010

Q: What should I do with daily food scraps?

A: Dear Candy,

There are many creative ways to temporarily store food scraps in the kitchen, at your desk or in workplace common areas.

One simple and FREE way to keep the fruit flies at bay and limit the smell of food scraps is to use what you already have available – any washable container with a lid. Some examples include empty paper milk cartons, large plastic tubs with lids or plastic juice pitchers.


Ask Charlie | November 01, 2009

Q: Can you help me green my coffee shop?

A: Calling all Baristas!

The following scenario is probably all too familiar. You’re topping off that delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream, and slowly but surely you run out of gas and that fluffy topping is barely sputtering out. You take out the empty cartridge, glance left at the trash bin, then right at the recycling bin. As an eco-conscious barista, what is one to do!?

Coffee shops are full of odd disposable items. CleanScapes' Waste Diversion team did an audit for a local coffee shop and answered several questions about how to dispose of common coffee shop waste. Read on to find out how to green your coffee shop!


Ask Charlie | March 28, 2009

Q: How do I dispose of shredded paper?

A: Dear Sarah,

There are actually two separate questions bundled into this larger question:

  1. What is the most environmentally sound end use for shredded paper?

  2. How do we get to the correct end use with curbside pickup?


Ask Charlie | December 30, 2008

Q: Can compostable plastic bags go in our food and yard waste can?

A: Dear Milan,

Plastic bags are among the most ubiquitous of modern conveniences: cheap, light weight, water resistant, odor reducing. But did you know that traditional plastic bags can sit in the landfill for over 1,000 years before they decompose?


Weekly Tips | May 14, 2012

Greening the Garden

It takes more than a “green thumb” to green a garden! So if you dig dirt, then click below to get the dirt on how you can enhance spring gardening adventures by trying something new to you.


Weekly Tips | August 06, 2012

Seconds Anyone?

Looking for something else to do with your unwanted leftovers? Get scrappy! Placing food scraps in the compost/food scraps bin gives them a second life as nutrient-rich compost, but you can prolong their life even further before tossing by creatively reusing peels, rinds, and other food scraps around your home. Intrigued?



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