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community improvement award

In The News | February 11, 2011

Queen Anne in close race to win $50,000 toward a community project

Check out this article about our community improvement in the Queen Anne neighborhood...


"The west half of Queen Anne is a close second to win a stake in a $50,000 community project through a city-wide contest held by Seattle waste management company CleanScapes.


Running from September 2010 to September of this year, trash collection areas are competing against one another to make the largest reduction in trash, yard waste and recycling compared to the previous year."


Continue reading at Queen Anne View

In The News | February 10, 2011

Waste Reduction Contest in Seattle Comes with $50,000

Check out this article about our community improvement awards...


Seattle residents are in the thick of duking it out to see who will take home this year’s $50,000 prize from CleanScapes.


CleanScapes devised a waste-reduction contest among neighborhoods in the Seattle area last year to help boost recycling rates and keep waste from landfills. The winning neighborhoods receive $50,000, and they decide how to spend the cash on community projects. Last year’s winners settled on a playground in Washington Park and a series of benches in Shoreline, both of which will be dedicated to waste reduction and built by volunteers.


Continue reading at Earth911

In The News | February 14, 2011

Show your love for Queen Anne and win a $50,000 community improvement reward

Check out this article about our community improvement in the Queen Anne neighborhood...


"Show your love for Queen Anne and win a $50,000 community improvement reward from CleanScapesAccording to the CleanScapes (the folks who pick up the trash), in 2009 Seattle created 352,000 tons of garbage, which eventually found a final resting place in an Oregon landfill. So in an effort to keep all that…stuff…from even getting into the waste stream, CleanScapes is dangling a $50,000 carrot. From the fall of 2010 through fall of 2011 CleanScapes is tracking yard, recycling and trash volumes picked up in service areas. The neighborhood demonstrating the greatest percentage decrease in waste volumes over the course of the year will win a $50,000 community improvement project from the company."


Continue reading at the Seattle PI Blog

In The News | February 09, 2011

Ravenna in the waste reduction lead for $50,000 from CleanScapes

Check out this article about waste reduction efforts in the Ravenna neighborhood...


Out of all of CleanScapes’ waste pick-up areas in the city, Ravenna has done more since September 2010 to reduce the amount of waste — garbage, recycling and yard waste — than any other area in the city. And if we can keep it up until the end of the contest (September 2011), our area will win $50,000 to spend on the community project of our choice.


Continue reading at ravennablog

In The News | January 31, 2011

Seattle neighborhood could win $50,000 for creating less waste

Check out this article about our Community Improvement Awards program...


They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. But, with a competition announced today by CleanScapes, Seattle Public Utilities and King County Councilmember Larry Phillips, creating less trash could mean treasure for your neighborhood.


As part of the 2011 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards Program, CleanScapes is offering to build a $50,000 community project in the neighborhood that best reduces its waste footprint.


According to CleanScapes, the typical Seattle family of four disposes of three tons of garbage, recycling and yard/food waste every year.


Continue reading at Komo News

In The News | January 31, 2011

$50,000 for Seattle's top waste-reduction neighborhood

Check out this article about our Community Improvement Award program...


The prize is $50,000, and so far it looks like residents of Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood are going to clean up. That district is leading a waste-reduction contest sponsored by Seattle-based hauler CleanScapes.


It's the neighborhood that is doing the best to reduce not just its garbage but also its recycling and yard waste — based on a weighing of the garbage, yard waste and recycling produced by each neighborhood.


Continue reading at the Seattle Times

In The News | January 31, 2011

Visualize Your Waste: A call for families to reduce 3 tons of yearly waste

Check out this article about waste reduction and our Community Improvement Awards program...


Three garbage trucks rolled into position in the background as Cleanscapes, King County and Seattle Public Utilities made their pitch.


"The garbage company of yesterday was just concerned about collecting garbage," said Tim Croll, Director of Seattle's Solid Waste Department. "The garbage company of today is concerned about collecting garbage, recycling and yard waste. But, the garbage company of tomorrow, similar to Cleanscapes, is working to reduce the amount they actually collect."


Continue reading at King 5

In The News | December 21, 2009

The Trash-Off Begins: CleanScapes' Chris Martin Offers $50,000 to Neighborhood with Least Garbage

Check out this article about our Community Improvement Awards program...


Trash guru Chris Martin once proposed using cameras to catch people illicitly disposing of recyclables in the regular garbage. But now that the CleanScapes chief is a big-time garbage hauler, serving almost half the city through the contract it started last spring, he's taking a more customer-friendly approach to getting people to go green with their trash. Specifically, he's bribing them.


Seattle Public Utilities announced this morning that Georgetown-based CleanScapes will award $50,000 to the neighborhood it serves that most reduces its collective garbage by early spring-- including recyclables and compost.


Continue reading at Seattle Weekly

In The News | December 21, 2009

Garbage collector issues $50,000 challenge to 5 neighborhoods

Check out this article about our Community Improvement Awards program...


Five neighborhoods south of the Lake Washington Ship Canal are competing for a $50,000 project, such as a new playground or park benches, offered by a garbage-collection company. The contest, announced Monday by CleanScapes, is part of its effort to reduce the amount of things stuffed into garbage, recycling and yard-waste bins in the city.


Continue reading at the Seattle Times

In The News | December 21, 2009

Queen Anne community competes for $50,000 by cutting garbage & waste at home

Check out this article about Queen Anne and our Community Improvement Awards program...


Last month we reported that garbage collection company CleanScapes and Seattle Public Utilities were going to be launching a competition to see which Seattle neighborhood south of the Ship Canal could reduce their waste output the most. And now the competition is on! Five neighborhoods “from Magnolia to Madrona” – Queen Anne included – are now knee-deep in a competition to see who can recycle the most and waste the least. The prize: $50,000 to invest back into a community improvement project of the neighborhood’s choosing – public art, pocket park, P-patch – you name is, CleanScapes will fork out the dough, install and maintain it!


Continue reading at the Queen Anne View

In The News | May 06, 2010

19% Drop in Garbage Wins Neighborhood $50K

Check out this article about neighborhoods competing for our Community Improvement Award...


That's the garbage-collection day for the neighborhoods that won CleanScapes $50,000 contest that will build something in their garbage-collection district.It's actually not one neighborhood that won the contest, but parts of six: Capitol Hill, First Hill, Madison Park, Madison Valley, Denny-Blaine and Montlake. They all have their garbage, recycling and yard waste picked up on Thursdays.


Continue reading at the Seattle Times

Press Release | June 27, 2011

Accepting ideas for CleanScapes' $10,000 Community Improvement Project

From now until July 31st, Shoreline residents are invited to submit ideas for a community improvement project worth $10,000. Project ideas will be reviewed by a committee of neighborhood representatives, and the winning project will be installed and maintained by CleanScapes, in coordination with the City of Shoreline.  


Press Release | December 02, 2011

$50,000 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Projects Unveiled

Ribbon Cutting, Walking Tour and Community Celebration in Madrona

On Saturday December 3rd at 11:00 a.m. Councilmember Mike O’Brien will unveil nine bronze sidewalk rings installed in the sidewalk along 34th Avenue in the Madrona business district. Councilmember O’Brien will be joined by representatives from the Madrona Community Council, Business Owners of Madrona, Seattle Public Utilities, CleanScapes, KPG and Lease Crutcher Lewis. A guided walking tour of the nine bronze rings will follow the ribbon cutting ceremony and kickoff the Very Merry in Madrona holiday festival.


Press Release | August 08, 2012

Accepting ideas for CleanScapes’ $10,000 Community Improvement Project

SHORELINE, WA – (August 8, 2012) CleanScapes invites Shoreline residents to submit ideas for a community improvement project worth $10,000. A committee of neighborhood representatives will select the winning projects, and CleanScapes together with the City of Shoreline will install and maintain the community amenities.


In The News | August 09, 2012

U-District Neighborhoods Awarded $50,000 For Reducing Waste


Residents of several U-District neighborhoods reduced their waste by 400 tons last year — and their reward is $50,000.

CleanScapes, which collects garbage, recycling, and food and yard waste for commercial customers in northeast and central Seattle, has been hosting an annual waste reduction competition among collection areas since 2009. Between September 2010 and August 2011, the residents in the “Tuesday North” pickup area, which is comprised of the Ravenna, Roosevelt, Bryant, and Wedgwood neighborhoods, made a 4.7 percent reduction in their waste, according to CleanScapes. The competition led to an overall loss of 1,226 tons of waste within Seattle in 2011.

The $50,000 prize the company gives out is intended for community projects. The neighborhoods will be pursuing three projects: a new tool-lending library in association with Sustainable NE Seattle, additions to the Picardo Farms P-Patch, and neighborhood identification signs designed by students and residents.

Read more at The Daily

Press Release | July 18, 2012

$50,000 in Community Projects for North Seattle Neighborhoods Announced

CleanScapes will invest in Ravenna, Roosevelt, Bryant and Wedgwood Neighborhoods


Seattle, WA – (July 18, 2012) – Three community improvement projects totaling $50,000 will be built in North Seattle neighborhoods this year as part of CleanScapes’ annual Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards competition.


Press Release | February 08, 2013

CleanScapes Announces Seattle's 2011-2012 Neighborhood Waste Rewards Competition Winner

SEATTLE, WA - February 8, 2013 - Last night at Seattle’s NE District Council meeting, CleanScapes announced that the Wedgwood, Meadowbrook, Inverness, Matthews Beach and View Ridge neighborhoods won the 2011/2012 Seattle Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards competition. They will receive a $50,000 community improvement project selected by community representatives and funded by CleanScapes


Community News | January 04, 2013

Check Out (Really) These Tools

Check out this great piece on the 2011 Seattle Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards project...

The shelves are filled with circular saws, power drills and more types of hammers than I ever knew existed. But this is no hardware store. I’m in North Ravenna at the city’s newest tool library, where members will be able to check out tools for free after it opens Jan. 19.

The grass-roots project led by Susan Gregory makes a lot of sense. Everyone may own a hammer, she said, but most of us don’t need to own expensive tools that we seldom use, such as a shop vacuum or a chain saw.

Read more at The Seattle Times

Community News | January 17, 2013

Grand Opening Saturday of NE Seattle Tool Library

A new tool lending library serving northeast Seattle is having its grand opening on Saturday.

"We will officially start lending tools at our Grand Opening on January 19, 2013. The building will open at 10 a.m. for new member registrations and meet-and-great, followed by the official speeches and ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. We’ll stay open until 2 p.m. for tool lending, plus “Taste of the Tool Library” demonstrations."

Read more at the Wedgwood View

Community News | April 22, 2013

CleanScapes Awards $10,000 Prize to Shoreline Neighborhoods

Shoreline, WA – On Saturday, April 20th, at the City of Shoreline’s annual Earth Day Every Day Event, Shoreline Mayor Keith McGlashan and Councilmember Doris McConnell joined CleanScapes in announcing the winning neighborhoods for the annual Waste Reduction Rewards program.


Press Release | June 18, 2013

Seattle Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards Projects Selected

Three projects will be developed in Northeast Seattle

SEATTLE, WA – Representatives from Northeast Seattle neighborhoods have chosen three projects to be built with $50,000 in funding from CleanScapes. The funding is a reward to the neighborhoods of Wedgwood, Meadowbrook, Inverness, Matthews Beach and View Ridge for reducing the most overall solid waste, recycling and compost among Seattle residents served by CleanScapes.


| August 05, 2013

Project Unveiling at the Beach

What is steel and beach-themed and artistic and recycling-focused? Come discover the mystery! Join CleanScapes, the City of Shoreline and community leaders as we celebrate the unveiling of this year’s Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards project at Richmond Beach Park.


Press Release | August 05, 2013

Shoreline Unveils New Sculpture at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Shoreline, WA – On Monday, August 5th, Mayor Keith McGlashan was joined by members of the Shoreline community and CleanScapes to officially introduce the newest piece of artwork in the City of Shoreline. The project, which was unveiled at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, represents the culmination of the 2012 CleanScapes’ Neighborhood Waste Reduction Award.



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