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Weekly Tips | February 17, 2014


All stacked up with no place to go? If batteries are currently consuming more of your energy than they used to give, and you're not into AA, C, D heavy metal, then re-volt! While some batteries can go in the garbage, corrosion can lead to fire, so send your goods to their proper hoods. Hearing aid to car, you don't have to look far to re-volt responsibly!

Dry-Cell Batteries

Alkaline, button, and rechargeable batteries are common around the home. You can dispose of these batteries at locations across King County including the CleanScapes Store in Issaquah. To avoid potential fire hazard, place tape over battery terminals if they’re located on the same end (like on a 9-volt) and put rechargeable batteries in a separate bag. 

Most rechargeable batteries lose their ability to charge in roughly 2-5 years or 1,000 charges. Call2Recycle takes rechargeable batteries weighing up to 11 lbs. For locations near you check out their location finder. Call2Recycle’s infographic contains more information regarding the use of rechargeable batteries and they also offer a step-by-step flowchart for customers interested in how they recycle the rechargeable batteries they receive. 

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids typically use button-cell batteries, which can be recycled along with other household batteries. However, hearing aids themselves are in great demand for individuals across the world. Regardless of make, model or age, if you are disposing of old or broken hearing aids, donate them to Starkey Hearing Foundation, which will repair the device and distribute it to those in need. Your donations are tax deductible. 

Automotive Batteries

In King County, solid waste facilities do not accept motor vehicle batteries, however there are many places you can take them to be recycled. In Washington State, retail locations that sell vehicle batteries are also required to accept used car batteries for recycling. For example, Auto Zone and O’Reilly Auto Parts take back batteries and customers receive a $5.00 gift card for recycling their car battery. Interstate Batteries also accepts a wide variety of batteries and recycles them responsibly. 

Sources: US EPA | Seattle Public Utilities | King County: What do I do with? | Call2Recycle Starkey Hearing Foundation | Auto Zone | O’Reilly Auto Parts | Interstate Batteries 

The Big Picture 

According to the EPA, more than 350 million rechargeable batteries are purchased annually. In addition, nearly 3 billion dry-cell batteries are bought annually to power common electronics at home.

Sources: US EPA | Earth 911



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