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Weekly Tips | January 13, 2014

Older, AND Wiser!

Whether you arrived by stork or some other means of special delivery, a New Year means yet another chance to celebrate your birthday! This year, why not get wiser alongside getting older, and throw sustainable birthday bashes for yourself, your children, or your friends. Surprise everyone with natal day festivities that produce little more waste than a birthday suit, and make a birthday wish for the environment come true!


Instead of buying commercially produced disposable decorations, such as hats, paper banners, plastic tablecloths, reusable plates and cups; invest in a versatile set of reusable décor. You can find reusable banners on Etsy, try your hand at creating a DIY fabric banner, or purchase reusable decorations from a company like Acme Party Box. These items can be used over and over again through the years to come. 

Ditch the disposables and use plates and cups from home, which you can wash and reuse. Invest in bright or themed fabric and use it as a table runner. You can later use this fabric to create DIY projects such as pillows, the afore mentioned fabric banner, or other fabric scrap projects

Throwing a children’s birthday bash? Get the kids involved in making the decorations. Children can create centerpieces from pinecones, leaves, or branches; or help assemble party hats, a Dixie cup garland, or tissue paper flowers

Party favors

Skip handing out goody bags this year and give each guest a unique and inexpensive party favor. Organize a craft to do during the party that guests can take home such as bean bags or Popsicle stick crafts. For an adult party, give the gift of green by creating DIY plant holders.  

Giving Back

For a creative twist for birthday gifts, check out ECHOage a company that provides a birthday party service where children learn the value of giving and receiving. Half of the money donated goes to a charity that your child chooses, while the rest will go to the birthday boy or girl to purchase a gift they desire. For more detailed information about the process check out “How it Works.”

Resources: Etsy | Hi Sugar Plum | Acme Party Box | The Happy Housie | Crazy Little Projects | Flip Flops and Applesauce | 101 Craft Ideas | Wandering Mist | ECHOage

The Big Picture

According to the U.S. EPA about 7 million tons of nondurable goods, such as plastic plates and cups were generated in 2011. Every year Americans throw away enough paper and plastic cups, plates and utensils to circle the world 300 times on average. 

Sources: US EPA | Clean Air Council

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