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Weekly Tips | July 18, 2011

Local Harvest


The Pacific Northwest is home to a wide variety of local food that is available year round. Purchasing food produced close to home is a great way to support local farmers, eat what is in season, reduce packaging waste and minimize the fuel needed to transport food long distances.

Paper or plastic? Neither! Before you leave the house, make sure to grab your reusable shopping bags.

Eat Fresh. Do you know what is in season? Puget Sound Fresh is a great source for local harvest calendars, the annual Puget Sound Farm Guide, seasonal recipes and regional farmers markets.

Farmers Markets. Statewide, Washington is home to dozens of weekly farmers markets that are open spring, summer and fall. Farmers markets open year round include West Seattle, University District, Ballard and Pike Place Market.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The most direct way to support local farms is to sign up for a CSA membership with a local producer. CSA programs allow you to purchase directly from the farmer. Depending on the farm, you can sign up to receive a box of freshly picked fruits, veggies and other items on a weekly or monthly basis. Some CSA programs even deliver to your home! Local Harvest hosts an online directory of Washington CSA programs.

Community Gardens. Throughout King County, Seattle and Shoreline there are over 23 acres of open space dedicated to community gardens. If you would like to grow your own food but do not have space, you can sow your favorite seeds in your adjacent planting strip, in city P-patches or find available gardening space through private non-profits like Urban Garden Share and Alleycat Acres.

Backyard Agriculture. Create your own food by gardening at home! If you are not sure where to start there are classes and resources available through Seattle Tilth, and experts ready to help through the Garden Hotline, Seattle Tilth’s Garden Hotline (206-633-0224) and King County’s Natural Lawn & Garden Hotline (206-633-0224). Click here to read “Growing Food in the City”, the latest resource for urban farming in the Pacific Northwest.

Urban Chickens. You too could have fresh, organic eggs! Raising chickens is a great way to micro-farm in an urban setting. Both Seattle and Shoreline allow urban chickens. If you are looking for inspiration, classes or advice, Seattle Tilth has a variety of resources available.

100 Mile Menu. Looking for inspiration? A local family of four has decided to challenge themselves to eat food produced within 100 miles. Click here to read their story and follow their growing, shopping, cooking and eating adventures.

Resources:Puget Sound Fresh | WA State Farmers Market Association | Local Harvest CSA Directory | Shoreline Community P-Patch | SEA DON Community Garden Directory | King County Community Gardens | Urban Garden Share | Alleycat Acres | SDOT Planting Strip Permit | Seattle Tilth City Chicken FAQ | The Garden Hotline | SPU “Growing Food in the City” | 100 Mile Summer Blog

The Big Picture

From farm to table, do you know how far your food has traveled? Calculate the journey of the items on your grocery list by using a Food Miles Calculator

The number of miles food travels has a direct impact on the amount of natural resources need to produce, harvest, transport and process the food we consume. Reduce your waste and carbon footprint by taking advantage of the many ways you can eat local.

Sources: Organic Linker Food Miles Calculator | NRDC SmarterSteps Local Food Project | NRDC Health Effects of Food Miles

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