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Weekly Tips | September 03, 2013


The air is crisp and the pigskin is flying across the gridiron. The Twelfth Man has assumed the position. So why not kick-off football season with yet another reason to cheer? Support the Seahawks, Huskies, AND Mother Nature by producing less waste and greening up your tailgate party. A touchdown for the environment is the goal!

In 2009, seven home games of Husky Football generated 219 tons of waste, 70% of which were sent to a landfill1. That’s quite a bit of waste! Love drinking beer before a game? Consider these great waste reducing alternatives for your tailgate libations.

Fill ‘Er Up

Take a day-trip to Gallaghers’ U Brew in Edmonds where you can make your own beer! They supply all the ingredients and tools needed to create your own creative brew. Each batch creates about 132 12oz bottles that you and your friends can drink throughout the season. Most importantly, the bottles can be saved and reused for your next round. No wasted energy making new or recycled cans or bottles and no fuel wasted shipping liquids across the county.

It takes about two weeks for beer to complete the fermentation process. If you’re short on time, purchase a growler or two and take them to your favorite local brew pub to fill ‘er up! Drink and reuse as needed with zero waste.

Pop Your Heart Out

Enjoy fresh popcorn when watching the game from home? Ditch the microwaveable bag and make your own. It's quick, easy, and healthier for you. Most grocery stores carry large bags of popping corn. For extra zero-waste bonus points, find a local store that carries it in bulk and bring your own reusable bag when you're buying.

Just a Reminder

A single set of sturdy reusable dishes and utensils can take you through this year’s football season and on to the next. Instead of creating bags of garbage at your tailgate party, take plates, cups and utensils home, wash and reuse them over and over again.

The Big Picture

According to the U.S. EPA about 7 million tons of nondurable goods, such as plastic plates and cups were generated in 20113. Every year Americans throw away enough paper and plastic cups, plates and utensils to circle the earth 300 times2.

ESPN has estimated that average attendance at an NFL game is 70,000 people3. That many fans will create hundreds of tons of garbage and waste. In fact stadiums produce more than 39 million pounds of waste per year4.

Sources: (1) UW Recycling & Solid Waste Annual Report 2010 | (2) Clean Air Council | (3) ESPN | (4) Football Tailgate Waste - Earth 911EPA – Resource Conservation

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