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Weekly Tips | January 31, 2014


If you're Manning the remote and trying to Russell up some grub this Groundhog's Day, you can score more than a touchdown with the home team as the Seahawks tackle the Broncos during Super Bowl XLVIII.  The 12th man is as much a fan of the environment as football, so whether you are hosting or attending a party, kick-off the game with a play book that includes reducing waste!

Game Time Goodies

Show your Washington State Pride by making game day appetizers with local fare. Reduce waste when grocery shopping by bringing your reusable shopping bag. Don’t want the pressure of making all the food for the game? Encourage your guests to bring their favorite dishes to the party.

Set the stage for Superbowl party success by using reusable and washable plates, platters, silverware, napkins, cups and mugs. If you don't have enough on hand for the whole crowd, ask others if they'd be willing to bring a few durable supplies along with them or invest in a set of inexpensive reusable’s at your local second-hand retailer.

Serving up refreshments in pitchers instead of individual containers eliminates waste from individual cans and bottle. Buying beer buy the growler (1g jug) is becoming ever easier in our area. Ask your favorite local bar, brew pub or bottle shop if they provide this service. Mix up a “hawktail” for an alcoholic beverage inspired by a Seahawk player. Or, for team rivalry non-alcoholic options, whip up mocktails in green and blue or orange and blue.

Sort and Score

When it is time to clean up, encourage your guests to pitch in. Set out and clearly mark your recycling bins, and if you have food scraps and yard debris collection service, help guests keep food waste out of the garbage by using a collection container for food scraps.

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The Big Picture

According to the U.S. EPA about 7 million tons of nondurable goods, such as plastic plates and cups were generated in 2011.

Sources: EPA – Resource Conservation

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