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Weekly Tips | February 23, 2011

Get Crafty!

It’s not garbage, it’s art! From ‘shabby chic’ home decorating projects to egg carton alligators, arts and crafts projects involving unwanted everyday items are a fun way to reduce waste and a unique way to reuse many items that are otherwise destined for the landfill.


Do-it-yourself resources and how-to projects abound online for all ages. KinderArt, Craft Bits, Craft Jr., and Make Stuff are just a few examples.


If you are looking for supplies, check your ‘junk drawer’, closets, home office and garage.You can also purchase recycled and surplus materials locally at the Creation Station, Bedrock Industries, ReStore and Earthwise.


Have a great recycled art project idea? Don’t miss your chance to enter your recycled art masterpiece in ReStore’s 10th Annual Recycled Arts and Fashion Show. Send us a photo of your project and it could be featured on our website!


Resources: Recycling Crafts | DIY Life | ReStore Recycled Arts and Fashion Show | Earthwise Salvage | ReStore | Bedrock Industries | Creation Station | KinderArt | Make Stuff | Craft Bits | Craft Jr. | Teacher Vision Recycled Art Lesson Plan


The Big Picture

In 2008, US households and businesses generated 167 million tons of garbage(1). All of this waste was either sent to a landfill or incinerated.


While some of this garbage (diapers, Kleenex, pet waste, kitty litter, etc.) has met the end of its useful life, many things that are thrown away could have a second life as art.


Artists all over the world have made a name for themselves using trash as their medium. Chris Jordan, Tim Nobel & Sue Webster, Vik Muniz, Bernard Pras, Sarah-Jane van der Westhuizen, David Mach, Frank Russell, Tim Gaudreauor, Mario Caicedo Langer, Dave Hind, Tom Deininger, Michelle Stitzlein, Kitty Walesand Jason Mercier… to name a few. You could be next!


Sources: (1) US EPA 2008 MSW Report | Webdesigner Depot

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