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In The News | June 15, 2012

CleanScapes unveils natural gas garbage truck, wildlife-resistant containers for Issaquah

The next garbage hauler for most Issaquah residents, CleanScapes, rolled out a compressed-natural gas truck and wildlife-resistant containers in recent days, as the company prepares to start service in the city.

The contract between Seattle-based CleanScapes and the city starts July 1, though service in the city does not commence until July 2 because July 1 is a Sunday.

The changeover from Waste Management to CleanScapes affects most Issaquah customers. Allied Waste — a local name for national company Republic Services — hauls garbage in South Cove and Greenwood Point neighborhoods along Lake Sammamish.

In a June 13 ceremony, CleanScapes executives and city leaders celebrated the addition of a hydraulic launch assist, compressed natural-gas powered truck to the company fleet. Officials said CleanScapes is the first company in the Pacific Northwest to use the truck.

The trucks use kinetic energy from breaking to drive the motor as a pump and transfer hydraulic fluid from a low-pressure reservoir to the high-pressure accumulator. Then, as the vehicle accelerates, the system propels the vehicle by providing torque to the driveshaft. The technology translates into fuel savings of as much as 30 percent.

“This truck represents the state of the art in clean and sustainable heavy truck technology, and we are proud to introduce these vehicles in the city of Issaquah,” said Dan Bridges, CleanScapes manager of operations.

CleanScapes received a grant for the truck from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Clean Cities Program.

“The city of Issaquah is a leader in sustainability and is focused on reducing our impact on the environment,” Mayor Ava Frisinger said. “I look forward to seeing these trucks working in our community starting July 1, and I applaud CleanScapes for their commitment to investing in sustainable vehicles and technology.”

Days earlier, CleanScapes tested wildlife-resistant garbage containers against Woodland Park Zoo grizzly bears Keema and Denali. The 800-pound bears attempted to break into 32 gallon BearSaver containers packed with salmon.

The cart is among CleanScapes’ container offerings in Issaquah. Customers interested in the container can rent one for $1.50 per month. Call the Issaquah Customer Service line at 837-1234 or email

The cart starred in the zoo’s Bear Affair and Big Howl for Wolves — a daylong program focused on bears, wolves and other Pacific Northwest wildlife.

For the Bear Affair, zookeepers set up a mock birthday party, including the bear resistant cart, to illustrate what happens when people do not store food properly or haphazardly leave garbage out in bear habitat.

“It was fun watching the bears with the new cart at the zoo, but people need to remember that interactions between humans and bear are no joke, they can end tragically,” CleanScapes President Chris Martin said. “That is why CleanScapes is pleased to make wildlife resistant containers available to those citizens in Issaquah who need them as part of the city’s new garbage service.”

In October, City Council members selected Seattle-based CleanScapes to haul Issaquah garbage from July 2012 until June 2019.

CleanScapes offered more curbside recycling options, a local storefront, wildlife-resistant containers and other features to land the $3.8-million-per-year contract. The company beat larger rivals Allied Waste and Waste Management for the contract.

Read the full story at the Issaquah Press

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