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Weekly Tips | March 14, 2011

Greener St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick's Day, create a global table for an Irish feast from local farmers and producers. If you missed your chance to shop at one of the year-round farmers markets in Ballard, the University District or West Seattle, you can still purchase local foods at grocery stores, or order directly from producers such as Olsen Farms, Full Circle Farms, Bill the Butcher, Bob’s Quality Meats or Rain Shadow Meats. Cabbage, red potatoes and sustainably raised, grass-fed beef are in season and can be yours for a fraction of the environmental cost. Looking to make green eggs and ham? Give Blue #1 and Yellow #5 a break and try a natural food dye from Nature’s Flavors or Seelect


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Weekly Tips | March 07, 2011

Green Packaging

The online marketplace has made it possible to shop for just about anything from the comfort of your home or office.


The carbon footprint of driving around to look for and purchase these same items may have decreased, but the waste footprint may have increased due to the current Russian-nesting-doll method of packaging to present, protect and ship your stuff. In response to a growing demand for less packaging, more sustainable packaging and packaging that can be easily reused or recycled, companies like UPS and Amazon have started offering greener packaging choices.


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Weekly Tips | February 23, 2011

Get Crafty!

It’s not garbage, it’s art! From ‘shabby chic’ home decorating projects to egg carton alligators, arts and crafts projects involving unwanted everyday items are a fun way to reduce waste and a unique way to reuse many items that are otherwise destined for the landfill.


Do-it-yourself resources and how-to projects abound online for all ages. KinderArt, Craft Bits, Craft Jr., and Make Stuff are just a few examples.


tags: upcycling  recycling 

Weekly Tips | February 14, 2011

Oh Baby!

Welcoming a new bundle of joy does not need to create an additional source of waste for your household. Luckily, you are not the first parent who needed to stock up on miniature supplies and equipment!


Almost everything parents need to prepare the nursery, closet, diaper bag, car, bathroom and kitchen can be found second hand or made from recycled or sustainable materials. The Seattle area is home to a wide variety of second hand shops and online shopping and exchange sites like Craigslist, Freecycle and Trading Cradles. With spring around the corner, garage sale signs will lead the way to a brave new world of used toys, clothing and equipment for baby.


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Weekly Tips | February 01, 2011


Whether you are attending or hosting a party for Super Bowl XLV there are easy ways you can reduce waste as you prepare for the festivities.


Set the stage for success by using reusable and washable plates, platters, silverware, napkins, cups and mugs. Keep packaging waste at bay by purchasing in bulk, bringing your own reusable shopping bags when you shop and serving drinks in pitchers instead of individual serving containers. Green your grill and buffet by featuring local produce, meats and treats.


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