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In The News | February 03, 2015

The Recology Store is a new idea as recycling goes mainstream

When the modern ecology movement began in the 1960's the idea of protecting the environment was largely a fringe idea, led by protestors carrying signs.

Decades later the ideas behind recycling, conservation, less pollution and caring for our world have finally come to the mainstream. Leading the way is a new store that just opened in Burien at 15858 1st Ave. South, The Recology Store.


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In The News | January 08, 2015

Shame Now, Fines Later: Seattle Bans Food In Garbage Cans

Violators get a bright red warning on their trash bins, but they’ll have to pay starting July.

In Seattle, moldy pastries, banana peels, and dinner leftovers aren’t garbage. Neither are paper towels and pizza boxes.

The first day of 2015 marked the enactment of an ordinance banning Seattle residents from tossing food and food-contaminated compostable paper in trash cans. Starting July, a $1 fine will be tacked on a residential home’s garbage bill if a trash collector sees that a bin is at least 10 percent filled with food. For now, bins are marked with a red tag notifying owners of their dirty deed.


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In The News | December 02, 2014

Unique ideas for giving green holiday gifts

You don’t need to keep recycling the same green gift ideas. This year, let’s shake it up a little and get quirky, cool and distinctive with our holiday gifts.

Seattle-area residents are so eco-aware that some might even suffer from “green gift-giving fatigue.” 

You may love to receive green holiday gifts, and you may have several people on your list who love them, too. But your sister already has four reusable water bottles, and last year, you gave your best friend a waste-reducing “experience gift” of tickets to a great play. (Two tickets actually, so she could take you.)

You don’t need to keep recycling the same green gift ideas. This year, let’s shake it up a little and get quirky, cool and distinctive with our holiday gifts.



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In The News | November 17, 2014

Whale Made From Waste Plastic Bags Brings Recycling Message to Washington

A 32 foot long whale made from waste plastic and bags is migrating through Washington State and stopping at community events and a local recycling center in order to bring awareness to the amount of plastic we use but do not recycle.


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In The News | February 05, 2014

Clean-up begins after Seattle’s big party ends

Adren Washington cleans Seattle streets every night.

"They make a mess, we clean it up,” he said.

But after Super Bowl Sunday, he predicted, Wednesday night would be different.

"I knew once they came home, there was going to be a big party," he said.

People who came to the biggest party in Seattle history - estimates range somewhere around 700,000 people - brought their Hawks pride and they brought their trash.


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