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Ask Charlie | November 24, 2010

Q: Can I recycle my used cooking oil?

A: Dear Tom,

Whether you cook with butter, olive oil or pancetta drippings, your used or unwanted cooking oil and grease can have a life-after-dinner as biofuel. While you can put cooking oil and grease in the garbage you now have another choice - support a local and renewable green fuel movement by donating your kitchen oil!

Local company General Biodiesel has partnered with King County's Wastewater Division to recycle cooking oils and fats into biodiesel fuel that can be used in cars, buses and trucks.

To participate in this recycling program, simply collect kitchen grease from your fryer, pots, pans, and grills in a secure container with a lid, and take it to a drop-off location:

If you cannot drop it off, put any fats, oils and grease in a secure container with a lid and place in the garbage.

Are you a restaurant owner or manager?
There are many local rendering or energy recovery facilities that process commercially generated fats, oil and grease.

Why are fats, oils and grease an issue?
Fats, oils and grease (FOG) can cause public health and environmental problems when washed down the drain. FOG sticks to the inside of sewer pipes, contributing to line blockages that can cause raw sewage overflows that put public health and the environment at risk.

Seattle residents, here are some resources to learn more about Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG).


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