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In The News | September 26, 2007

In the Future, Your Recycling Will Be Monitored and Dumpsters Will Be Trashed

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


Chris Martin is busting open garbage bags in a Georgetown lot—three days' worth of accumulated waste from two downtown office buildings. He won't say which buildings they are. That's because (a) the tenants are mostly environmental advocacy groups, and (b) the results of this "garbage audit" are not going to be pretty.


Martin and his crew dump the contents on the ground, forming heaps of banana peels, coffee cups, energy-bar wrappers, McDonald's packaging, plastic bags, water bottles, bunched-up paper, and other by-products of office life. They sort through it all with rakes and hands, separating out the recyclables from the true trash—that is, doing what the tenants should have done in the first place.


Continue reading at Seattle Weekly

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In The News | September 02, 2007

CleanScapes Takes On Large Rivals for City of Seattle’s Waste Contract

Check out this article about our bid to clean up the streets of Seattle...


An upstart Seattle company is trying to wrest some of the city of Seattle's garbage-hauling business away from two multibillion-dollar corporations.


Seattle-based CleanScapes, which handles private cleaning and garbage collection for businesses in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, is contending for a contract that could total more than $80 million over its duration.


Continue reading at the Puget Sound Business Journal


In The News | October 14, 2004

One Man’s Cleanup Campaign

Check out this article about our founder's quest for clean streets...


Have you walked down a back alley lately? You might be surprised to find many of Seattle's dirtiest alleys are nearly spotless these days.


All because one man stepped in where the city feared to tread.


Chris Martin is president of CleanScapes, a for-profit trash collection company dedicated to ridding city alleys of dumpsters and the problems they cause.


Continue reading at Komo TV

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In The News | October 13, 2004

Cleaning up city, bin by bin

Check out this article about our cleanup efforts in Seattle...


Now that Chris Martin has gotten rid of most of the foul-smelling, rat-infested Dumpsters in Pioneer Square, he's setting his sights on Capitol Hill.


Strolling through one of the few alleys in Pioneer Square that still has Dumpsters the other day, he said his quest began about seven years ago. He was an account manager for an ad agency back then, and he lived in a condo in Pioneer Square that faced an alley with Dumpsters.


Continue reading at the Seattle PI

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In The News | September 15, 2002

Martin hires those who share fundamental moral values

Check out this article about our founder, Chris Martin...


Chris Martin will be the first to admit that he's wrong a lot. And he'll be the first to say that he doesn't mind making mistakes. It's a good way to learn, he said.


Martin is president of CleanScapes, which provides street maintenance and cleanup services while offering employment opportunities for men and women in Seattle's social services network.


Continue reading at the Puget Sound Business Journal

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