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Green Business Practices

Reducing your environmental impact is a great way to reduce business costs. Below are some ideas on how you can minimize your environmental impact while saving money.

Go Green at Work: Five Steps for a successful Business Recycling Program:

  1. Select an Enthusuastic Recycling Coordinator with good communication skills and staff rapport.

  2. Conduct a Garbage Audit to identfy items that could be recycled or diverted from the waste stream. Recology CleanScapes' Waste Zero Team has a variety of different waste audit options available.

  3. Promote your recycling program with education, email reminders, posters and employee involvement.

  4. Demonstrate management support for waste reduction, recycling and composting programs.

  5. Expand and Improve: Announce your program, educate your staff and continue to find new ways to reduce and recycle.

Make it Convenient to Recycle: Place recycling and compost bins in convenient places and make the trash can a last resort. Place a recycling bin under every desk and keep one garbage can in a communal area. Recology CleanScapes sells cardboard recycling containers for use in the office. Each box has recycling instructions printed on the side. Call 206.250.7500 to place an order.

Recycling Saves Money: In the Seattle area it costs less to recycle or compost your waste than to throw it in the trash. Currently, compost service is approximately 30% less expensive than trash service and Recology CleanScapes recycling will save you as much as 55%! Save money on your monthly garbage bills by reducing the size of your garbage containers and increasing your recycling and compost capacity. Give us a call to discuss your options or schedule a waste audit! You can reach us at or 206.859.6700.