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Calculate Your Impact

Do you want to know just how much carbon you are keeping out of the atmosphere by taking the bus each day? Curious about whether you are recycling everything you can?  The tools below will help you calculate your waste output and environmental impact.

CO2 Emissions: Use the Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) Carbon Footprint Calculator to determine how much carbon you are putting into the atmosphere.

Paper Use: The Paper Calculator quantifies the resources you can save by using paper with high recycled content.

Calculate Your Waste Output: Want to know the impact of your waste output? King County's Waste Calculator will tell you what would happen if your waste disposal practices were modeled across the state of Washington.

The Story of Stuff: Learn more about where your waste comes from, how it accumulates, and what you can do about it.

Product Life Cycles: Figure out what goes into making the products you buy and the environmental impact over the life of the product.

Audit Your Waste: Take a look at your waste. What materials are in your garbage and recycling? Could you cut down on how much of a certain item you consume? Could you teach your employees to recycle an item that is ending up in the garbage? Recology CleanScapes helps businesses conduct waste audits and cut their waste substantially. To schedule a waste audit, call 206.859.6700 or email