Report a Missed Collection

Missed Collection

To report a missed collection, please call 206.763.4444, send an email or use the Service Request Form. Please notify us within 24 hours of the missed collection.

Please keep in mind:

Set Out Time
Residential materials must be set out by 7am on collection day. Apartments, Condos and Commercial materials must be set out by 5am on collection day.

Material Preparation
If you find a tag on your materials titled "we're sorry," please correct the problem indicated. If you are a residential customer and would like us to return and collect the materials before your next collection day, there is a $8.71 return trip charge.

Collection Calendar
If you are uncertain of your collection day you can look it up on the "My Collection Calendar" page, by logging in to your account, or calling us at 206.763.4444.

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Service Update

All services are on schedule.

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