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Recology CleanScapes creates clean interior and exterior environments. We specialize in recycling to help you spend more time with customers and less time on trash.

BEYOND WASTE Collection Services


By the bag, cart or container, BEYOND WASTE garbage service can scale to match your enterprise needs. Collection by our natural gas fleet can occur weekly or multiple times per day. Request a quote.


Recology CleanScapes helps businesses reduce waste, recycle more and save money. We provide containers and recycling guides for your staff. Special materials can be collected upon request. Request a quote.

Food & Yard Waste

Kitchen scraps, food waste and landscape clippings contain vital nutrients that are wasted in landfill. Creating compost reduces waste and returns nutrients to the soil as well as trims your bill. Request a quote.

BEYOND WASTE StreetScapes Services

Daily StreetScapes Maintenance

Ensure your property is open for business with seven day per week exterior maintenance services. Services include: litter, debris and graffiti removal, pressure washing and sweeping, and wipe-downs of exterior surfaces, plus free on-call services for emergencies. Rates based on specific property requirements. Request a quote.

On-Call Clean-Up

Recology CleanScapes is there for you 24/7. We’re equipped to wash, scrub, sweep, or haul away any unexpected things the urban environment may leave at your doorstep. Request a quote.

Pressure Washing

Our trailer-mounted steam pressure washers deep clean hard surfaces including entries, walkways, plazas, driveways, service areas—even stadiums. For high-traffic areas, our crews can work nights and weekends for safety and efficiency. Request a quote.

Graffiti Removal

From paint-outs to difficult masonry surfaces, Recology CleanScapes' expertly trained crews can swiftly remove most graffiti. We have extensive experience with historic brick and masonry and always seek the most environmentally sustainable solution for each situation. Recology CleanScapes guarantees that removal efforts commence within 24 hours for existing daily maintenance customers and 48 hours for new customers. Request a quote.

Parking Lot & Garage Cleaning

A clean facility is a safer facility… and better for business. Private and public parking lots and garages face complex scheduling challenges. Cleaning can be scheduled during off hours, on weekends, or by section to ensure continued operation of your facility. Request a quote.

Snow Removal

Our StreetScapes Maintenance crews are equipped to work during snowstorms and can keep your business open and safe by removing snow and ice. Recology CleanScapes provides a one-time or ongoing snow shoveling and de-icing service in many areas. Request a quote.

BEYOND WASTE Special Programs

Waste Audits

Our professional audits help schools, campuses, businesses and organizations of any size reduce solid waste costs while minimizing environmental impact. Recology CleanScapes offers a range of options from free on-site consultations, to extended audits and full documentation of sorted material volumes and systems for properties seeking LEED certification. Learn more…

Workshops & Training

A garbage collection company that believes in stopping waste before it happens? That’s right! That’s why we develop waste reduction tips and checklists for home and office, online tools, and waste diversion programs for schools. Because managing our natural resources responsibly takes all of us. Learn more…

Neighborhood Rewards

Recology CleanScapes sponsors annual competitions challenging neighborhoods to reduce their waste at the source — with big rewards. It's another way we help communities along the road to zero waste. Learn more…

Community Events

Clean is community! Are you planning a community festival or clean-up event?  Recology CleanScapes is here to serve the communites where we live and work. Each year we participate in dozens of events, helping community members gain waste reduction tools, or working to restore local public spaces and habitats. Join us! See events in your area…

Bicycle Recycling

Every year, millions of bicycles end up in landfills in the US. Recology CleanScapes and Bike Works have united to create a new recycling program with far-reaching benefits. Learn more…

To get Recology CleanScapes for your business, call 1.855.859.6700

Up to 60% Savings

Businesses all over town are recognizing significant savings by using Recology CleanScapes for recycling and composting services.

We create a comprehensive waste reduction program for our customers to help them save up to 60% on garbage costs.

Tell us about your business and we'll get back to you with a quote tailored to meet your needs.