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Styrofoam™ Blocks

Recology CleanScapes offers Des Moines residents Styrofoam collection at the curb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of Styrofoam™ will you collect?
A: Block Styrofoam™ is accepted for recycling. Styrofoam™ packing peanuts will not be collected.

Q. How do I get my Styrofoam™ collected?
A: Submit a Special Recycling Item Collection Request Form, call 206.762.4900 or email us at to schedule a pickup.

Q: How do I package the Styrofoam™?
A: Place Styrofoam™ blocks in a clear plastic bag, dry cleaning bag, or white garbage bag (13-gallon or larger) clearly marked "Styrofoam™" and set out on the curb by 7am. Clear bags are also available for free at Des Moines City Hall, 21630 11th Avenue S, Suite D. Please do not set out Styrofoam™ packing “peanuts”. These will not be collected.

Note:  Because Styrofoam™ is light, it is best to set it out in the morning, rather than the night before. On windy days, it is advisable to secure it with a brick, rock, or stake, or by tying multiple bags of Styrofoam™ together. 

Q: Will I be charged for this service?
A: No, there is no charge. Recology CleanScapes is offering this service free of charge to single family residences with a Recology CleanScapes account.

Q: Can I place packing peanuts in the collection bag?
A: No, only larger pieces of block Styrofoam™ are accepted at this time.

Q: Where does the Styrofoam™ go?
A: The Styrofoam™ is consolidated and delivered in large loads to a facility in Renton that melts and condenses it. The “bricks” of Styrofoam™ are re-melted to produce molded plastic items. 

Customers can also drop off block Styrofoam™ at The Recology Store in Highline.

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