Electronics & E-Waste

Electronic waste, or E-Waste, includes computers, monitors, and televisions.

These products are not allowed in the garbage because they contain toxic materials that can be hazardous to human health and the environment.

Computers, laptops and televisions can be taken to E-Cycle Washington drop off locations where they are collected for reuse or recycling at no charge. Call 1.800.RECYCLE or visit the E-Cycle Washington website for E-Waste Disposal locations and information.

The Take It Back Network provides information on how to dispose of all unwanted electronics.

All e-waste received by Recology CleanScapes is taken to R2 and ISO 14001 certified recyclers. These certifications ensure electronic waste is not exported and is recycled responsibly to the highest standards.

Cell Phones

Over 125 million cell phones are discarded each year, resulting in over 65,000 tons of waste!

  • Looking for a place to recycle your old cell phone? Total Reclaim and Interconnection accept used cell phones and accessories.
  • Interested in buying a used and refurbished cell phone? ReCellular recycles and resells used cell phones and accessories, and Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have device take back programs.

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