Tax Information

Taxes on your garbage bill consist of:

  • Washington State Refuse Tax - 3.21%
    These funds are used to provide financial assistance to local governments for repair and maintenance of public works projects.

  • City Utility Tax – 8%
    Utility tax revenue provides basic City services such as police protection, parks and street maintenance, human services, jail and environmental services.

  • King County Hazardous Waste Fee
    $1.46/mo for small volume generators (≤ 0.48 cu. yards - cart or can)
    $12.01/mo for medium volume generators (0.48 to < 10 cu. yds - dumpster)
    $46.15/mo for large volume generators (≥ 10 cu. yds - roll-off container)
    This monthly fee is collected by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County to fund the Hazardous Wastemobile and the Hazardous Waste Collection facilities at transfer stations throughout the county. You can learn more at

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