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Our Vision: Recology:  a world without wasteTM

Recology, an employee-owned company, sees a world without waste, where resources are used and re-used in a sustainable ecosystem that strives for their best and highest use. 

Recology carries out its vision of a world without waste through educational programs and innovative engineering services.

Our Mission:  Recology builds exceptional resource ecosystemsTM


Recology is a company dedicated to building exceptional resource ecosystems that protect the environment and sustain our communities. 

Where the world sees waste, Recology see resources.  Most of the world’s waste-related resources are being stored in unsustainable landfills or are being partially reprocessed into low-end products.  A fundamental challenge to the communities and the environment is to return resources to their best and highest use.

Recology services move the proportion of resources that communities today call “waste” to their greatest productive re-use, thus creating a fundamental shift from traditional “waste management” practices to a fully-integrated resource ecosystem paradigm.  The Recology resource ecosystem is comprised of four critical components:  Collection, Recovery, Processing, and Marketing, which are all interconnected to optimize the material resources Recology recovers.


Recology improves the communities we serve through resource recovery education and community outreach.

In 2007, Recology established a Volunteer Program whose mission is to support the communities we serve through employee engagement and sustainable practices.  Recology employees do a tremendous job uniting as a team to volunteer their own time and resources to improve the communities where we operate.

Our volunteer projects have included providing food service to the homeless; using recycled paint and reclaimed resources to beautify a child care center, a shelter for recovering addicts, a county fairground, and a multi-generational community center and neighborhood; landscaping the exterior of an inner-city youth club; and “Recologizing” an award-winning rose garden that had been overtaken by decades of neglect.




Alternatively Fueled

Over 50% of the Recology CleanScapes fleet is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Our investment in the latest technology helps us lessen our environmental impact. Our CNG fueling station further reduces trips by our trucks, allowing us to fill up on site. We eliminate 26% of our carbon dioxide production by using CNG trucks on our Seattle routes.